Real-time Machine Learning on the Edge! Customer data never leaves edge devices.

Artificial Intelligence is having a transformational impact on many key aspects of our lives. Machine Learning has enabled the use of vast amounts of data to drive personalized experiences, to the benefit of both the businesses that harness the power of AI, and their customers.

But at what cost? The relentless thirst for increasing amounts of sensitive user data to fuel the AI algorithms has left both users and regulators uneasy, and businesses facing uncertainty.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Time to flip the ML paradigm inside out. Have the model come to your users’ data, rather than send all the data to the model...

Optimize Your App’s ROI Post-IDFA
Predict user LTV during FTUE! Personalize IAP offers. Optimize user acquisition. Fully align with iOS14 privacy.
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Enabling Time Critical, Multi-Org Research
Predict patient outcomes. Fast-track rare disease research. Enable multi-org ML, without compromising patient privacy.
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Whether you are just starting to use ML in your application, or you use ML extensively. Do ML right!

Real-time models that provide more timely, relevant results!

Privacy by construction. The next generation of ML - the model comes to the data, rather than sending all our data to the model. Watch a quick video to learn more.